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We first used this method to determine the fast neutron induced fission cross section of 233Pa, which is a key nucleus for the generation of the fissile 233U uranium isotope in the thorium based fuel cycle.

Later on, we applied the surrogate method to the determination of fission cross section of minor actinides.

All this experimental program has been performed at the ALTO-Tandem facility of the IPN Orsay.

More recently these investigations have been pursuited using (d,p) transfer reaction on a 238U target at the cyclotron of the Oslo university.

Our surrogate programme has been continuing with an experiment in April 2017 at the ALTO-Tandem facility of the IPN Orsay, using a 240Pu target.

Related PhD works:

M. Petit : Mesure de la section efficace de fission du 233Pa, Bordeaux, Oct. 2002
G. Kessedjian : Mesures de sections efficaces d’actinides mineurs d’intérêt pour la transmutation, Bordeaux, Nov. 2008
Q. Ducasse : Étude de la méthode de substitution à partir de la mesure simultanée des probabilités de fission et d’émission gamma des actinides 236U, 238U, 237Np et 238Np, Bordeaux, Oct. 2015