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Transfer reaction on Am targets

Determination of fission cross-sections for multiple isotopes of Americium and Curium by the technique of transfer reaction induced by ^{3}He beam on the targets ^{241}Am and ^{243}Am.

The first measurements were carried out at Tandem accelerator at IPN Orsay with ^{243}Am target prepared at Argonne National Laboratory, they are to continue in 2007. Chambre à réaction Set-up used at IPNO consisting of 4 telescopes to detect the ejectile for identification of the formed nucleus and 15 solar cells to count the fission products.

The target ^{243}Am allowed to simultaneously produce three isotopes of Curium and an isotope of Americium via four open channels: ^{243}Am(^{3}He,p)^{245}Cm, ^{243}Am(^{3}He,d)^{244}Cm, ^{243}Am( ^{3}He,t)^{243}Cm et ^{243}Am(^{3}He,α)^{242}Am.

Preliminary results for two fission cross-sections compared to the data of Vorotnikov and al. and to the data banks.

If the target ^{241}Am were too delicate to deal with due to its much higher radioactivity compared to ^{243}Am, we plan to perform the measurements with ^{242}Pu target and to reach other isotopes of Americium.