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Three-body continuum dynamics in the dripline nuclei

Leonid Grigorenko, FLNR, JINR, Dubna, Russia
Mardi 18 Mars 2008 à 10h30 - Salle des Séminaires

The dripline nuclei are by default those having energies close to the particle disintegration thresholds. They typically have expressed cluster structure. In certain situations the dynamics of the systems clusterized in three (or more) subsystems has genuine few-body character not reducible to conventional two-body dynamics. Two-nucleon haloes are example of such dynamics in the bound systems. We focus on the processes demonstrating these features in continuum. These are : (i) two-proton radioactivity, (ii) reactions with three fragments in the final state (decays of aligned three-body states, soft dipole mode in the three-body continuum, three-body final state interactions), (iii) reactions of the three-body radiative capture in astrophysical environments. We discuss also the recent experimental results concerning the reactions and decays of 16Ne, 17Ne, 19Mg, 45Fe, 5H, 8He, 10He.

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