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The latest results from the Pierre Auger Observatory

Nicolas BUSCA, APC Collège de France
Mardi 11 décembre 2007 à 10h30 - Salle des Séminaires

Cosmic Rays were discovered in 1920. Since then, their origin remains a mystery : sources can’t be directly observed as their trajectory is scrambled by the galactic magnetic fields. At ultra high energies, however, their sources should become observable. The Pierre Auger Observatory detects cosmic rays at these energies by covering an area of 3000 km2 in the south of Argentina. After the first 3 years of operation Auger found strong indications that Ultra High Energy Cosmic Rays come from nearby, extragalactic sources, hinting at the solution of a century old problem and opening a window for charged particle astronomy. In this seminar, I will describe the Pierre Auger Observatory and its astrophysical context, its most recent results and the exciting prospects for the near future.