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SPIRAL 2 project


Tomorrow the nuclear research will need beams of more and more exotic radioactive nuclei. The SPIRAL2 project consist in updating the already well established facility: GANIL. this facility is already producing such beams, and will be updated to produce more exotic and more intense radioactive beams. the goals is to maintain the facility among the best in the world. The instrumentation department is in charge of the task : other beams-other targets. The goal is to develop Target Ion Source (T.I.S.) device for beam that cannot be produce by the other methods (fission in uranium-carbide target). To be able to assess these future devices a test bench was build and tested. This test bench is a magnetic spectrometer with beam intensity measurement at the focal plan. At the same time a set of measurement of thermal properties of materials was started. this materials may be used in the future device as: target, catcher or other. Together with these measurements thermal simulation are performed to get a greater confidence in simulation. Thus we will be able to predict the thermal behavior of the future T.I.S. with no further test. The simulation codes are SAMCEF BACON and ANSYS.

  • A workshop on target ion source was held on 4-5th of mars 2010 at CENBG
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