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Results of structure in (very) light neutron-rich nuclei

Julien Gibelin, GANIL Caen
Vendredi 28 Mars 2008 - Salle des Séminaires

We will present different results of structure in light and very light nuclei obtained with different experimental methods. First : the fusion evaporation method for gamma-ray spectroscopy applied in light systems, at the 88-cyclotron of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory using the STARS-LiBerACE setup, allowed us to measure the life time of the first excited states in the neutron-rich 18N and the so-called egg nucleus 16C. Results on the fusion/evaporation reaction itself will also be presented. In a second part we will present the problematic of the unbound 9He and the preliminary results for an 8He(d,p) reaction performed at GANIL using the MUST2 telescopes.

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