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Research and Development

3. Research and Development

3.1 Achievements and projects

Some examples of studies and achievements are presented below according to their classifications by groups of research:

  • NEX (Exotic Nuclei)
  • IPB (Interface Physics Biology)
  • ENL (Nuclear physics with high intensity lasers)
  • ACEN (Nuclear data for new fuel cycles and waste transmutation)

3.2 Current engagements of the service

    • Nano-Faisceau Line
      • End of realization and startup
  • SPIRAL 2
    • Batch "Others target - Other Beams"

The development of this batch is articulated around two principal axes :

- targets of fusion for reactions around the Coulomb barrier

- targets for reactions of the type "deep inelastic" or transfer

The principal problem of these developments is the strong local heating of the targets due to the impact of the beam and this problem is particularly crucial when the primary beam is composed of heavy ions. In the past, the principal problem was not the target of production but the catcher (who is used to stop the radioactive cores produced at the time of the reactions fusion-evaporation ). Several ideas will be tested and possibly implemented:

  • greater defocusing of the incidental beam
  • cooling by a gas of the target and the catcher
  • rotation of the target and the catcher

To conclude this development, the mechanical service will have the design and the realization of a system of target-source-separator which will make it possible to test such a system. Moreover accelerator AIFIRA will allow to test the behaviour of the targets by using the strong brightness of this machine which makes it possible to deposit a great density of power on the targets via a beam focused very well. These measurements will be accompanied by thermal and thermomechanical calculations carried out at the Engineering and design department. Once these calculations validated by experimental measurements, of the theoretical studies on the behaviour of the targets under the impact of very intense beams of heavy ions will be undertaken.

    • Batch « DESIR »

Currently, the Engineering and design department worked on preparatory project of the building DESIR and carried out a pre-figuring of this one. If this part would be included in the SPIRAL project 2 of reference (decision at the end of 2007), the CENBG will have the responsibility for the study of the lines.

  • SuperNemo
    • Bench of test
    • R&D scintillator
  • IPB
    • Room of irradiation ion by ion
  • NEX
    • TPC : upgrade
    • Uncurler of band : upgrade
    • Germanium Detector X, Y

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