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PIPERADE: A Penning trap for DESIR

(september 2012)

In the framework of its implication in the DESIR project the Exotic Nuclei group is developing a double Penning trap system that will be used to purify the radioactive beams from Spiral Spiral 2 and S3. PIPERADE (PIège de PEnning pour les RAdioisotope à DESIR) will be the tool of choice for experiments in need of ultra-pure beams like the ones performed by our group on superallowed Fermi transitions. It consists of a complementary equipment to “classical” magnetic separators like the HRS which is also developed at CENBG. PIPERADE will make it possible to reach a mass resolving power of the order of 105 which is often mandatory to fully separate nuclei with very close masses (typically isobars). The whole PIPERADE setup will be made up of a stable ion source for calibration, a radiofrequency quadripole to reduce the beam emittance and two Penning traps in which contaminants will be removed and the nuclei of interest stocked until having accumulated a measurable sample. More can be found on the PIPERADE web site :