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Nouvelle traduction : 30. Users - How to prepare your next experiment

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GPS. 44°46’32.9"N 0°37’45.8"W



The planning is available online.


Submit a proposal

A call for proposal is emitted twice the year (November and May) in order to schedule the experiment by semester: from January to June and from July to December.

Each proposal is examined by the internal committee before any programming. It is strongly advise to the users who are not familiar with ion-beam analysis and/or our facility to contact the AIFIRA team before any submission.


If you are interested to subscribe (or unsubscribe) to the diffusion list, you can send an email to local contact.


The valorisation unit ARCANE is able to take care of any needs in analysis service.



Financial assistance is requested for any new project. Please contact us for more details.


Safety clearance form

Each new project have to be declared before its programming. Please fill and send the safety form at least two weeks before the first day of the experiment to the local contact.

The form is available here.


How to go to CENBG

    + Address


29 Chemin du Solarium, Gradignan 44°46’32.9"N 0°37’45.8"W


    + By plane


Bordeaux - Mérignac airport is located at 25 min by car.


    + By train


You can take the bus "Liane 10" at Bordeaux-Saint Jean train station. The estimated time of travel is of about 1 hour for the train station to the laboratory (45 min by bus, 15 min by walk from the bus stop).


    + By bus


3 bus lines are available around CENBG (see the map below).




- Bus "Liane 10", bus stop "Pr Bernard"
- Bus "Corol 21", bus stop "Saint-Albe"
- Bus "Corol 36", bus stop "Grande Lande" or "Stade de Moulerens"


    + Useful sites