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Micro-dosimetry and numerical simulations

The modelling activities of the iRiBio group are focused mainly on the extension of the general purpose and open source Geant4 Monte Carlo simulation toolkit (Geant4 andGeant4@IN2P3) at the frontier between low energy physics, biology and medicine, in particular in the context of the Geant4-DNA project, coordinated by the iRiBio group. These developments, in full open access, include new models for the description of physical and physico-chemical interactions of elementary particles with biological medium, and the modelling of water radiolysis. They also include geometries of biological targets and example user applications for the community. In parallel, Geant4 simulations are also developed for the modelling of specific radiation environments for archaeometry (dating of buried samples) and exobiology (search of traces of life in the Solar System). Finally, we regulalry contribute to the orgaziation of Geant4 and Geant4-DNA conferences and tutorials.
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  • ANR Geant4-DNA
  • Campus France
  • European Space Agency
  • IN2P3
  • Région Aquitaine
  • Université de Bordeaux


  • International collaborations : Geant4, Geant4-DNA andGeant4@IN2P3
  • Collaboration IRAMAT - CRP2A - CENBG (archaeometry)
  • Collaboration LAB-CENBG (exobiology)
  • Management of the du Laboratoire International Associé France-Coré (FKPPL)
  • Management of IN2P3 Master Projet « Modélisation du vivant sous irradiation »


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The full list of publications is available at Geant4@IN2P3 or on the Geant4-DNA website.
  • Simulation of early DNA damage after the irradiation of a FIbroblast cell nucleus using Geant4-DNA, S. Meylan, S. Incerti, M. Karamitros, N. Tang, M. Bueno, I. Clairand, C. Villagrasa, Sc. Rep. 7 (2017) 11923
  • Review of Geant4-DNA applications for micro and nanoscale simulations, S. Incerti, M. Douglass, S. Penfold, S. Guatelli, E. Bezak, Phys. Med. 32 (2016) 1187-1200
  • An implementation of discrete electron transport models for gold in the Geant4 simulation toolkit, D. Sakata, S. Incerti, M.C. Bordage, N. Lampe, S. Okada, D. Emetzoglou, I. Kyriakou, K. Murakami, T. Sasaki, H. Tran, S. Guatelli, V.N. Ivantchenko, J. Appl. Phys. 120 (2016) 244901
  • Implementation of new physics models for low energy electrons in liquid water in Geant4-DNA, M.C. Bordage, J. Bordes, S. Edel, M. Terrissol, X. Franceries, M. Bardiès, N. Lampe, S. Incerti, Phys. Med. 32 (2016) 1833-1840
  • Simulating the Impact of the Natural Radiation Background on Bacterial Systems: Implications for Very Low Radiation Biological Experiments, N. Lampe, D. G. Biron, J. M. C. Brown, S. Incerti, P. Marin, L. Maigne, D. Sarramia, H. Seznec, V. Breton, PLoS One 11(11) (2016) e0166364
  • Recent developments in Geant4, J. Allison et al., by the Geant4 Collaboration, Nucl. Instrum. Meth. A 835 (2016) 186-225
  • Irradiation effects on antibody performance in the frame of biochip-based instruments development for space exploration, M. Baqué, M. Dobrijevic, A. Le Postollec, T. Moreau, C. Faye, F. Vigier, S. Incerti, G. Coussot, J. Caron, O. Vandenabeele-Trambouze, Int. J. Astrobiol. (2016)
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  • Dosimetric study of sediments at the beta dose rate scale: Characterization and modelization with the DosiVox software, L. Martin, N. Mercier, S. Incerti, Y. Lefrais, C. Pecheyran, G. Guérin, M. Jarry, L. Bruxelles, F. Bon, C. Pallier, Radiat. Meas. 81 (2015) 134-141
  • Improvements in Geant4 energy-loss model and the effect on low-energy electron transport in liquid water, I. Kyriakou, S. Incerti, Z. Francis, Med. Phys. 42 (2015) 3870-3876
  • DosiVox: implementing Geant4-based software for dosimetry simulations relevant to luminescence and ESR dating techniques, L. Martin, S. Incerti, N. Mercier, Ancient TL 33 (2015) 1
  • PDB4DNA: Implementation of DNA geometry from the Protein Data Bank (PDB) description for Geant4-DNA Monte-Carlo simulations, E. Delage, Q. T. Pham, M. Karamitros, V. Stepan, S. Incerti, L. Maigne, Y. Perrot, Comput. Phys. Commun. 192 (2015) 282-288
  • The cytoplasm as a radiation target: an in silico study of microbeam cell irradiation, H. L. Byrne, W. Domanova, A. L. McNamara, S. Incerti, Z. Kuncic, Phys. Med. Biol. 60 (2015) 2325-2338
  • Diffusion-controlled reactions modeling in Geant4-DNA, M. Karamitros, S. Luan, M.A. Bernal, J. Allison, G. Baldacchino, M. Davidkova, Z. Francis, W. Friedland, V. Ivantchenko, A. Ivantchenko, A. Mantero, P. Nieminem, G. Santin, H.N. Tran, V. Stepan, S. Incerti, J. Comput. Phys. 274 (2014) 841-882
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