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Laser-plasma investigations employing laser-driven proton probes

Lorenzo Romagnani, Department of Physics and Astrophysics, Queen’s University Belfast
Vendredi 5 Février 2010 à 10h30 - Salle des Séminaires

The acceleration of multi-MeV ion beams from solid targets irradiated by sub-picosecond laser pulses focused at relativistic intensities has been one of the most active areas of research in high-field science in the last few years. While several different applications of these ion beams have been proposed, most of them have yet to be fully exploited and in some cases their feasibility has yet to be proven experimentally. Among the proposed applications, the use of laser-accelerated proton beams as charged particle probes to measure electromagnetic fields or density gradients in laser-produced plasmas is arguably the one that has seen the furthest developments, eventually becoming a well established technique. In the present seminar an overview of the basics principles of proton probing techniques will be presented and the results of experimental investigations performed with these techniques will be discussed. The relevance of these results spans across a broad range of research topics, including laser-driven ion acceleration, Inertial Confinement Fusion, nonlinear plasma physics and laboratory astrophysics.