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Large Recent shell model studies from 56Ni to 132Sn

Kamila Sieja, GSI Darsmstadt
Mardi 16 Juin 2009 à 14h30 - salle des Séminaires

The Large Scale Shell Model approach is nowadays one of the most powerful tools used in the theoretical nuclear structure studies, which enables a unified description of spectroscopy and decays of atomic nuclei. In this talk, after a short introduction concerning the shell model itself, we will discuss recent progress in constraining the effective interactions in enlarged valence spaces and the resulting studies in different parts of the nuclear chart. In particular, we will present the shell model results around mass A 95, discussing the origin of deformation in this region and structure of high-spin isomers. Then, we will adress the problem of shell quenching in Cadmium isotopes. The nuclear structure calculations relevant for double beta decays will be also presented. Finally, we will address the topic of cross shell excitations in the isotopic chains of Ni and Zn. Emphasis will be put on E2 response, for the description of the most exotic isotopes in the vicinity of 68Ni. The development of a new island of inversion around 64Cr will be discussed.

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