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Growth, characterization and modification of copper nitride thin films

Nuria Gordillo Garcia, Centre de Micro-Analyse de Matériaux (CMAM), Univ. de Madrid
Vendredi 6 Novembre 2009 à 10h30 - salle des Séminaires

In the last years, the interest of transition metal nitrides (TMN) due to the great potential for application of electrical, optical and magnetic functional devices has increased. In particular metaestables nitrides have been attracted much more attention, like Cu3N that to a certain temperature, relatively low, is decomposed in N2 and Cu. In this work, a systematic study of the copper nitride thin films deposited by means of DC-sputtering is presented. The goal is to understand the influence on their physical properties as a function of the real atomic nitrogen concentration. In the first place the atomic composition, structure, topography and optical properties will be analysed through ion beam techniques (IBA), X-ray diffraction (XRD), atomic force microscopy (AFM), ellipsometry (SE) and infrared Fourier transform (IRFT). Then, the thermal stability at temperatures lowers to the decomposition temperature will be studied. These results indicate that as low temperatures as 100 ºC a coexistence of two phases related to the migration of nitrogen takes place. Finally, the physical properties of the material will be modified by swift heavy ions irradiation (SHI), observing an increase of the reflectivity based on the fluence.

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