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Even-odd effect in the yields of nuclear-reaction products

M. V. Ricciardi, GSI Darmstadt, Allemagne
Lundi 9 Novembre 2009 à 10h30 - Salle des Séminaires

The analysis of experimental production cross-sections of the light products of several nuclear reactions at relativistic energy, measured at the FRS, GSI Darmstadt, revealed a very strong and complex even-odd staggering. The same characteristics were observed in the yields of several other nuclear-reactions, also at much lower energies. The origin of this effect is related to the condensation process of heated nuclear matter while cooling down in the last evaporation step. The characteristics of the staggering correlate strongly with the lowest particle separation energy of the final experimentally observed nuclei, but it does not correlate with the binding energy. The study confirms the important role of the deexcitation process in almost all nuclear reactions. In particular in fragmentation reactions, it indicates that sequential decay strongly influences the yields of light fragments, which are often used to extract information on the nature of hot nuclear matter.

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