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Distribution of fission products

  • The aim of this experiment is to study the fission of actinides produced in nuclear power stations that can be incinerated with the interest in precise isotopic distribution of their fission fragments. This distribution has an impact on the neutron flux inside the reactor incinerator via neutron poisons, via delayed neutrons, it has an impact on the released heat.
  • It was proposed to use a transfer reaction in inverse kinematics starting from ^{238}U beam available in GANIL incident on ^{12}C target. This allows to study the actinides starting from ^{239}U to ^{246}Cm in the excitation energies from 0 to 30 MeV. The fissioning nucleus is identified through the detection of ejected partner, fission products are separated and identified on VAMOS spectrometer. The detection system, however, has to be adapted to measure the energy losses and energies of fission products, the flight time base has to be increased in order to adapt to very high rates.