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Conference to celebrate the upcoming launch of the GLAST satellite

To celebrate the launch by NASA of the GLAST satellite on May, 16th 2008 from Cap Canaveral, Florida, a conference, jointly organized by Bordeaux 1 University and the CNRS, was held on the University campus on March 27 in the presence of Alain Boudou, president of Bordeaux University and Michel Spiro, director of the CNRS National Institute for Nuclear and Particle Physics (IN2P3).

Stavros Katsanevas, In2p3/CNRS Deputy director and Jacques Paul, (CEA) presented the state of knowledge about outer space and enigmas regarding Gamma astronomy. Then, David A Smith (CENBG), in charge of GLAST cooperation for the CNRS emphasized the contributions of French physicists and more specifically the ones from Bordeaux in the tuning of the device and the development of data analysis methods. Finally, William P Barry, European NASA representative, highlighted the NASA role in the international GLAST context.

The speeches were followed by the showing of a film produced by the CENBG and Cap Sciences entitled “Le satellite GLAST: une Aventure partagée par des chercheurs bordelais”, that is, “The GLAST satellite: an adventure share by scientists from Bordeaux”.

Some pictures of the event

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