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241Am(n,f) and 243Am(n,f)

The nuclei ^{241}Am and ^{243}Am are important in the nuclear wastes and could be completely removed from the used fuel and then burnt through the incineration with fast neutrons.

  • The first experiment involved the measurement of the cross-section for reaction ^{243}Am(n,f) induced by fast-neutrons.
    The experiment was realized in Belgium, at IRMM of Geel at van de Graaff accelerator with neutrons from 1 to 8 MeV obtained via the reaction ^{3}H(p,n). The experimental set-up is shown below: the fission fragments were detected with solar cells, the neutron flux was monitored via the reaction (n,p) on the hydrogen film. DISPOSITIF EXPERIMENTAL
    Preliminary results are reported on the following figure:

  • New experiments on ^{243}Am are scheduled at CENBG AIFIRA accelerator to measure the mass distribution of fission products with fast neutrons (energy>1 MeV).

Lastly the measurement of the cross-section for 241Am(n,f) reaction depends on the availability of the target that is very radioactive and delicate in usage.