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Radioactivity & Environment

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Mass spectrometer - Collecting samples at Bure - Extracting rare gases

Two united teams for a same goal: Cosmochimie, Datation & Géochimie Environnementale and Environnement & Chimie Nucléaire from the former CNAB/UMR 5084, merged since Jan 1st, 2011 within the CENBG.

Since its integration into the CENBG on January 1st, 2011, the team RADEN (Radioactivity and Environment) led researches essentially in connection with the nuclear energy and particularly on the problem of the storage of the nuclear waste in deep geological layers by following two main themes.

The studies based on the measurement of noble gases (He, Ne, Ar, Kr and Xe) which are performed within PIAGARA facility, concern the gas transfer within clay geological layers, the characterization of materials for the nuclear industry and the dating of old groundwaters using krypton radioactive isotopes.

The part of the team in charge of microbiology of extreme environments linked to nuclear domain carried on with the characterization of bacterial communities from contaminated soils close to Chernobyl accidental nuclear power plant in Ukraine and also the studies on behavior of bacterial cultivable strains issued of clay minerals in drastic conditions relative to temperature, pH, pressure and radionuclide presence.