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Fission properties of nuclei along the N=100 chain in the 180Hg region

Fission is one of the most complex phenomena in nuclear physics. The liquid drop model approach – historically the first successful attempt to understand fission – is able to describe only the division of a nucleus on fragments with similar masses, i.e., the symmetric fission mode. However, it is known experimentally that this mode is not the dominant one in fission of actinide nuclei, which preferably produces fragments with very unequal mass numbers. Nowadays, the production of fission (...)

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Shell-model study of thermonuclear (p,γ) reaction rates for the rp-process

The Theory group of CENBG is opening a 3-year Ph.D. position starting from October 2020. The research interests of the group include nuclear many-body theories with applications to nuclear structure problems, weak interaction processes and nuclear astrophysics, as well as hadron physics. The present Ph.D. project is related to the theoretical description of radiative proton capture reaction rates using the nuclear shell model. Radiative proton capture reactions play an important role in (...)

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Recherche de halos gamma avec H.E.S.S. et préparation de la science avec CTA

1 offre actuellement vacante : Pôle : Astro-neutrino Groupe : Astroparticules Spécialité : Astrophysique, Plasmas, Nucléaire Encadrants : Marianne Lemoine-Goumard / Thierry Reposeur Dates : du 01/10/2020 au 30/09/2023 Financement : ANR Sujet : recherche de halos gamma avec H.E.S.S. et préparation de la science avec CTA Profil et compétences recherchées : Le candidat doit avoir des connaissances en Astrophysique des hautes énergies ainsi que des compétences en programmation (C++, (...)

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