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Exotic Nuclei group at CENBG

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contact: J. Giovinazzo

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Our group is involved in a research program concerning atomic nuclei far from stability, close to the limits where nuclei do not exist any more (the drip-lines). Such research topics aim to constrain physics models describing the atomic nucleus, to draw the frontiers of the nuclear chart and to measure atomic masses, to bring information about astrophysical nucleosynthesis processes, to search and study new isotopes and new exotic behaviour of those isotopes.

Our group mainly focuses its experimental work on proton-rich isotopes. The main topics of our research program are :

- radioactive decay of very proton-rich isotopes in order to study nuclear structure far from stability ;

- the search for new isotopes and for exotic decay modes such as two-proton radioactivity, beta-2p decay, beta-3p decay, ...

- weak interaction study using 0+ —> 0+ super-allowed Fermi transitions in beta decay

Our experimental program is performed at various facilities (GANIL in Caen, GSI in Darmstadt, ISOLDE at CERN, the university of Jyväskylä, ...) in the frame of national and international collaborations.


links related to group activities:

- DESIR facility for SPIRAL2



- laboratories and accelerator facilities:


last update: january 2016