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Group Instrumentation and detectors: Gr.I.De.

head of the department: Bertand THOMAS

The team of engineers and technicians have the mission to fulfill the demands of the CENBG research groups but also of national and international projects. The main goal is to develop equipments for measurement and detection with their associated control and monitoring devices. The department is in charge of running and maintaining the AIFIRA and PRISNA facilities.

Our missions:

  • Study, manufacturing follow-up of new detectors: the group has competence in research and development, as well in manufacturing follow-up of new detectors.

  • Testing, setting of new detectors for experiments: The group perform tests and setting for newly developed detectors during the firsts experiments using these detectors.

  • To update and get used with detectors and devices from other laboratories. GrIDe has the abilities to analyze and upgrade existing piece of equipment or detectors to make them reusable for new experiments. Thus maximizing their lifespan and reducing costs.

  • To Bring technical support to experiments on local facilities, in particular on PRISNA and AIFIRA platforms and outside the laboratories for devices managed by the department. GrIDe is in charge of the support to users for the CENBG’s platforms. it keep the detectors ready for use. The group inform and train user to run the equipment available on the platforms. GrIDe may set-up and adjust equipment before and during experiments for external user of the CENGB’s platforms.

  • To maintain and develop the equipment of the local facilities AIFIRA and PRISNA. In the framework of continuous improvement GrIDe is in charge of the preventive maintenance of the platforms maximizing their running time and avoiding any unexpected braking down.

  • Projects and work-package management GrIDe as knowledge and experience in project management, and is already in charge, of several work-packages of international project and in charge of national project.

    A.I.F.I.R.A. : Applications Interdisciplinaires de Faisceaux d’Ions en Région Aquitaine.

    P.R.I.S.N.A. : Plateforme Régionale Interdisciplinaire de Spectrométrie Nucléaire en Aquitaine.