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Post Doc position

The Centre d’Etudes Nucléaires de Bordeaux Gradignan (CENBG) invites applications for a 1 year Post-Doctoral position beginning on january 1st 2011, to work in the nuclear energy group whose main activity is the measurement of nuclear data of interest for reactor physics. See the post profile.

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GEF: A new GEneral Fission code GEF has been released for applications in nuclear technology. It calculates pre- and post-neutron fission-fragment nuclide distributions and prompt-neutron properties. For more information on this code written by B. Jurado and K. H. Schmidt at the CENBG laboratory, click here

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Maxwell’s demon on the nuclear level

Scientists at CENBG have discovered that two warm nuclei set in contact behave in a very counterintuitive way. Heat keeps flowing from the warmer to the colder nucleus until the thermal energy of the warmer nucleus is completely exhausted. In contrast, all other objects in nature reach thermal equilibrium before complete thermal energy sorting is achieved. To know more about this subject read the summary, or read the article recently published by Phys. Rev. (...)

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Fermi reveals various populations of gamma-ray pulsars

Two papers where the CENBG team of pulsar studies is greatly involved are published by the Science review. A population of Gamma-Ray Millisecond Pulsars seen with the Fermi Large Area Telescope. Science, July 2009 Detection of 16 Gamma-Ray Pulsars through blind frequency searches using the Fermi Large Area Telescope. Science, July 2009 See the joint documents and the joint (...)

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Bottles of fine wine authenticated by ion beams

Following the example of works of art, in order to verify its authenticity, wine can now be dated through the dating of the glass of the bottle. A tiny part of the bottle is closely examined with a particle accelerator, the tests are completely non-destructive and cannot harm the wine or bottle in any way. Arcane, the unit of technology transfer of the Centre of nuclear studies of Bordeaux Gradignan (CNRS-IN2P3/University Bordeaux 1) has just signed an exclusive contract of co-operation (...)

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