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Nouvelle traduction : 30. Users - How to prepare your next experiment

Contact us Email. contact-aifira Info Contacts GPS. 44°46’32.9"N 0°37’45.8"W Planning The planning is available online. Submit a proposal A call for proposal is emitted twice the year (November and May) in order to schedule the experiment by semester: from January to June and from July to December. Each proposal is examined by the internal committee before any programming. It is strongly advise to the users who are not familiar with ion-beam analysis and/or our facility to (...)

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Nouvelle traduction : 20. Equipements

Accelerator # Type: Singletron (HVEE) # Energy: between 500 keV and 3.5 MeV # Ions: 1H+, 2H+, 4He+ External beam Purpose: analysis of samples that are too delicate, cumbersome, valuable to be put under vacuum chamber. # Beam diameter: 500 µm # Current on sample: 100 pA up to 1 nA # Window: 8 µm thick Kapton or 300 nm thick Si3N4 # Available detectors: PIXE; PIGE # Sample motorisation 3 axes: (...)

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Nouvelle traduction : 31. Utilisateurs -After You experiment

How to contact us Email. contact-aifira Info Contacts GPS. 44°46’32.9"N 0°37’45.8"W Scientific Report A scientific report is requested for any project. It must be sent to the local contact. For one-shot project (one-programmed session), the report should be sent within the two months after the end of the experiment. For project that need more than one session within the year, the report should be sent within the two months after the final beam session. The extension of the (...)

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Nouvelle traduction : 40. Info Contacts

If you need any information For any request regarding the planning or the submission of a project, please send an email to contact-aifira. If you need a specific information # Philippe Alfaurt T. 05 57 12 08 42 Technical Coordinator # Philippe Barberet T. 05 57 12 09 03 Scientific Manager # Stéphanie Sorieul T. 05 57 12 08 46 Chief Operating Officer & Local Contact # Stéphane Roudeau T. 05 57 12 08 12 Radioprotection (...)

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Nouvelle traduction : 10.

Planning The planning is published online. Introduction AIFIRA facility (Applications Interdisciplinaires de Faisceaux d’Ions en Région Aquitaine) allows the analysis and the irradiation of various samples with light ions of few MeV. AIFIRA is labelled by IN2P3 (CNRS) and the Université de Bordeaux and located in the CENBG laboratory (Gradigan, France). It is composed of an accelerator equipped with five beam lines. The equipments implemented on the facility offer the possibility to (...)

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