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MODE-SNR-PWN Workshop in Bordeaux
15-17 November 2010

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The workshop MODE-SNR-PWN will bring together three different communities interested in the physics of neutron stars: the neutron star observers, the supernova remnants and pulsar wind nebulae observers and the theoreticians (microphysics and macroscopic modelisation). It is supported by the GDR PCHE and CompStar-ESF.

Scientific summary

Over the last decade an enormous amount of new information about neutron stars has been accumulated by the satellites like XMM-NEWTON, CHANDRA, INTEGRAL, FERMI, and the earth laboratories, in particular the different radio-telescopes, but also the HESS observatory. Moreover, very interesting informations are expected to shed light on compact stars in the near future thanks to the gravitational-wave detectors like VIRGO and LIGO. Various new phenomenons related for instance to the enormous magnetic fields (Flares and QPO), to the reheating of the crust or to pulsar wind nebulae in supernovae remnants have been observed. A thorough understanding of all these phenomena requires to bring together leading and promising young researchers from all the fields. Important issues to address include: What can we learn from these new observations about neutron star structure and the radiation mechanism? Which models shall be developed to analyze the new data? What would be key observations for the future?

Meeting program

The workshop shall help the three communities to exchange with each other as well as discussing internal advanced issues. To that end the program will contain parallel specialized sessions as well as plenary sessions with reviews and a round table to help the discussion among the communities. All sessions will be held in the same place (Le Haut Carré, Talence) to allow everyone to circulate from one session to another. The sessions will be arranged in such a way to create “focus sessions” around certain topics, among them:

  • Radio timing, rotating neutron stars,
  • General relativity and neutron star modelisation,
  • Equation of state,
  • Observation at different wave lengths,
  • Emission processes and supernovae,
  • Supernovae remnants and pulsar wind nebulae.

Organizing committee

Marianne Lemoine-Goumard (CENBG, Bordeaux), Jérôme Margueron (IPN Orsay), Micaela Oertel (LUTH, Meudon), Matthieu Renaud (LPTA, Montpellier), Gilles Theureau (GEPI, Observatoire de Paris).