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  • "Symmetries in Subatomic Systems - Guidance for Theory and Experiment"
    Jerzy Dudek
  • "Symmetries and dynamical symmetries in physics"
    Piet Van Isacker
  • "Parity-Violation in Electron Scattering : A Unique Probe of Strange Quarks in Nucleons and the Neutron Skin in a Heavy Nucleus"
    Krishna Kumar
  • "Theory-QCD and symmetries related to nucleon structure and strongly interacting matter"
    Guy Chanfray
  • "Mapping out symmetry violation in nucleon structure"
    John Arrington
  • "Searches for CP- and T-violation in Atoms and Nuclei"
    Lorenz Willmann
  • "Algebraic and geometric models of nuclear structure"
    Richard Casten
  • "Isospin symmetry breaking in mirror nuclei"
    Silvia Lenzi
  • "Nucleons and Nuclei : Interactions, Geometry and Symmetries"
    Jerzy Dudek
  • "Symmetry breaking and symmetry restoration in mean-field-based approaches"
    Héloïse Goutte
  • "Giant resonances and isospin asymmetry"
    Elias Khan
  • "The search for the nuclear symmetry energy in reaction dynamics"
    Giuseppe Verde
The seminar : "Symmetry in Biology"
Vincent Debat