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User’s FAQ

How to have beam time on AIFIRA facility ?


You have to fill a proposal and send it to the scientific coordinator. Each proposal is reviewed by the committee, who fixes the duration of the experiment if selected. The committee, mainly formed of external scientists, gathers every six months in December and June.


The experiment can be based on short-run project as well as a part of long-term project. In the last case, a proposal must be done every six month, in order to have additional beam time.


All new proposals will be presented during the committee meeting day (10 min + 5 min presentation).


What to do when my proposal is accepted ?


You have to fill the security form and send it two weeks before the experiment to the PCR. This form refers to :


- the description of the experiment


- the description of the samples


- the detailed beam conditions only for the neutronic beam line


The smooth progress of the experiment depends on this step, any incomplete form will induce the cancelling of the experiment.


During the experiment


Beam time can be used all around the clock (from 8.30 am to 8.30 am of the next day) including Saturday and Sunday. Area experiment preparation the day before is possible depending on the beam line and the actual users. In any case, it is highly recommended to contact the local staff few days before. The scientific coordinator will be in charge of the external users during their whole measurement period. She will provide scientific and technical support to the external research group. She will introduce the users to all facility aspects. She functions as a liaison with the machine operators and with the administration and technical service of the CENBG.


What to do after the experiment ?


Less than two weeks after the end of the experiment and before the next committee meeting, you have to write a short summary (2 pages) of the main results obtained during the run and send to the scientific coordinator. No more beam time will be given if this report is not send before the next committee meeting. For long-term project, every 3 years-period, a more detailed report (6 pages) is asked.