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Project overview


Since March 2009, AIFIRA takes part in SPIRIT (Support of Public and Industrial Research using Ion beam Technology) which integrates 11 ion beam facilities spread over the European continent.


SPIRIT represents an Integrated Infrastructure Initiative funded by the European Commission. The main goal is to grant public and industrial researchers from Europe free access to leading european ion beam facilities and R&D providers, which deliver ions in an energy range from 10 keV up to 100 MeV for the modification and analysis of solid surfaces, interfaces, thin films and nanostructured systems.


The main application areas are materials, biomedical and environmental research and technology.


Further info on SPIRIT site


TransNational Access (TNA)


Seven partners provide TransNational Access to their facility among them is the AIFIRA platform. A large spectrum of specific devices, methods and processes is available within the consortium, which covers standard applications and novel developments.


If your current employer is based in an EU member state or associated state, you may apply for SPIRIT TNA.


All the details for TNA apply is found here