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Presentation of the platform AIFIRA

AIFIRA stands for «Applications Interdisciplinaires des Faisceaux d’Ions en Région Aquitaine». The ion beam facility is equipped with a single stage electrostatic accelerator designed by the HVEE Europe company (3.5 MV Singletron). It can deliver high intensity (up to 50 μA, for neutron production) as well as low intensity (few hundred pA on the microprobe beamline) beams of light ions (H+, D+, and He+) with excellent beam brightness (>15 A/rad2.m2.eV) and energy stability (ΔE/E≈ 10-5).


External side

Accelerator outward appareance


Interior side

Accelerator interior side


These characteristics make AIFIRA as a very valuable tool for ion beam analysis, material characterization, neutron induced reaction measurements, irradiation (fast neutrons, charged particles) and imaging techniques that are carried out to conduct an interdisciplinary research programm in the following fields:


                  innovative fuel cycles,
                    nuclear waste management,
                        material sciences,
                          cultural heritage



Outstanding analysis and irradiation techniques are also available as microtomography, charged particle microbeam for irradiation of individual cells, and light ion nanobeam including deuterons.


The facility is opened to external users from academic research as well as to industrial firms via the technology transfer department ARCANE. The access for internal and external users is managed by an interdisciplinary scientific committee composed of 11 members including 5 external experts from different fields of research.


AIFIRA is evolved in ERINDA and SPIRIT projects