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Macrometric beam line

The macrometric beam line provides a stationary millimetric ion beam (from 0.5 to 2 mm depending on the collimator size in the analysis chamber). RBS, PIXE, NRA are available for the analysis of a wide range of bulk materials.


Description of the analysis chamber


The chamber features a manual sample changer allowing a continuous analysis of several samples. The maximum sample diameter authorized is thus of 25 mm. Bigger samples can also be analysed but the maximum viability size is about 10 cm. The angle of the changer can be changed in order to perform grazing incidence analysis.


The angle of the RBS detector is adjustable for the experimental needs. A PIXE detector can be added in order to have simultaneous analysis.


Furthermore, the cover of the chamber can be removed and a cover with two goniometers adapted for RBS channelling can be installed.



Macrobeam chamber


Analysis performed in the macrobeam chamber


The most current analysis are RBS and PIXE who give structural information on the elementary composition and the homogeneity of samples. The RBS is also used, in normal or in grazing incidence, to determine the thickness and the composition of thin deposits of some tens of Angström. The studied materials are most part dedicated to microelectronic applications.





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