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About security inside the AIFIRA facility

Security instructions


First of all, it is expected that external users follow the safety regulations for experimental set up with potential hazards (use of gases and/or radioactive products). A document resumes the different important points as :


    1. Instructions for the access to AIFIRA


    2. Experiment room zoning


    3. Correspondent machine list


    4. Authorised person list for the accelerator adjustments


    5. Specific adjustment procedures for a 2.5 MeV proton beam


    6. Emergency contact list


    7. Emergency measures for radiological accidents


    8. Isolated work station


    9. Security instructions in case of work accident


    10. Security instructions in case of fire


    11. Security instructions in case of building evacuation


Safety form


Furthermore, at least two weeks before each experiment, you must fill the safety form that detailed:


    – the experiment


    – the nature of your samples (biological, radioactive samples...)


    – the beam conditions (ion, energy, current...) only for neutronic beam line use


The form has to be sent to the person in charge of the radioprotection (Stéphane Roudeau, roudeau at


If the form was not sent in time and complete, the experiment would be cancelled.



AIFIRA Safety form