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Since January 2011, AIFIRA is evolved in the ERINDA project. ERINDA stands European Research Infrastructures for Nuclear Data Applications.


This project aims for a coordination of European efforts to exploit up-to-date neutron beam technology for novel research on advanced concepts for nuclear fission reactors and the transmutation of radioactive waste.


The main objective is to provide adequate transnational access to existing nuclear facilities.


For more details, see on the ERINDA project site


TransNational Access (TNA)


The ERINDA consortium groups 13 partners, equipped with nuclear data research infrastructures.


To be eligible to benefit from access to the ERINDA facilities, both the user group leader and the majority of the users must come from EU Member States or from Switzerland, and from a country other than the country where the facility is located.


For more details, see on the TNA application for ERINDA