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Our involvement within the SuperNEMO project rests on a great many managing responsabilities, whether as spokesman for this international collaboration (Fabrice Piquemal), as technical supervisor for France (Cédric Cerna), as well as international scientific coordinator (Christine Marquet) and scientific coordinator for all radiopurity measurements (Frédéric Perrot).

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Schéma du démonstrateur de SuperNEMO.

11/10/2016 - Live from LSM: Integration of the SuperNEMO calorimeter (in French)

"SuperNEMO is an instrument to apprehend some of the fundamental properties of the neutrino (nature and mass) by searching for the neutrinoless double beta decay. Measuring the energy of the particles is the purpose of the calorimeter. It is composed of 520 optical modules which have been developed, built and tested at the CENBG. The last batch of modules are being assembled right now in the Modane Underground Facility (LSM). This live video recording is a visit of the LSM. Cedric Cerna is your host."