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Computers department at CENBG

Computers at CENBG are

- For who ?

for everyone : one hundred of every kind of users

- For what ?

for various purposes : different level of research, each of it using specialised software and hardware.

  • simulation, theoritical calculations
  • data acquirement, analysis of experimental data
  • results publications
  • electronic and mecanic CAO
  • gestion,
  • communication

- How ?

servers and workstations on a secure internal network and accessing the Internet.

  • 20 servers for 400 computerson a network
  • a secured network over 5 buildings

Computers department means

- 4 persons with various competences
- propositions and studies to solve

  • users problems
  • projects needs
  • technical evolutions

- tests to validate solutions
- implement solutions

Computers Department